Make your writing error-free. This sentence checker helps you avoid those embarrassing grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation flaws. 

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Here’s how it works: 

Step 1: Enter the text in the tool 

Step 2: Select the desired language and hit “Check.” Sentence Checkup will underline all mistakes. 

Step 3: Hover over the underlined text to see suggestions and accept them. Or hit the “Correct” button to accept all suggestions at once. 

Want to deep-check more advanced writing mistakes? Click the “Deep Check” button for advanced suggestions and corrections, such as style issues, advanced punctuation, incorrect tenses, and more. 

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Hassle-Free Sentence Checking 

✅100% Free to Use 

✅Instant Editing

✅ No Sign up Needed 

✅No Complicated Interface

✅Supports All English Delicates 

Make Your Sentences Error-free Now you don’t have to worry about embarrassing typos, missing punctuations, and grammatical errors. Sentence Checkup will correct all grammatical errors in just one click. 
200+ Grammar Points 
The tool uses advanced AI technology to instantly correct more than 200 common grammar errors and spelling mistakes, including run-on sentences, punctuations, conjunctions, and more. 
It’s Free

No charges. No hidden costs. Sentence Checkup is absolutely free to use for everyone. 
Your Information is Secure Your security is our priority. We don’t secure your information after you’ve used our sentence corrector. 

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Join the community of writers who’ve improved their writing with our sentence checker 

Don’t just take our word for it, see how thousands of users have improved their writing with our sentence corrector. 

“Sentence Checkup has been incredibly helpful for my academic writing. It not only points out run-on sentences but also offers clear suggestions for improvement, which is helpful for a non-native English speaker like me.” – Emily Thompson“As a freelance content writer, I’m always on the lookout for tools that can enhance my writing process. This sentence checker tool has been a great find. It suggests corrections in real-time, making my writing more concise and readable. It has definitely saved me time in editing and boosted my confidence in my writing skills.” – Alex Rivera“I started using Sentence Checkup for my blog posts, and I’m thoroughly impressed. It helps me in refining sentences, making the content more engaging for my readers. A must-try for anyone serious about writing!” – Sarah Johnson

What kind of mistakes does this sentence checker correct? 

Writing is an art, and avoiding those embarrassing grammar mistakes can be tricky. Sentence Checkup is a one-stop solution for checking grammar, punctuation, and spelling in your sentences. It helps you correct: 

Grammar Mistakes: This sentence corrector efficiently identifies complex grammar errors, such as: Subject-verb disagreementsIncorrect verb tensesMisused articlesRun-on sentences It can also spot less obvious mistakes like dangling modifiers and incorrect conditional structures, making your writing grammatically sound and professional.

Spelling Errors This tool instantly catches and corrects spelling mistakes and typos. It’s especially useful for non-native speakers and those who struggle with dyslexia, as it ensures that every word in your text is spelled correctly. 
Missing Punctuations Proper punctuation is crucial for clear communication. Sentence Checkup’s Sentence Corrector identifies missing or misused punctuation marks like commas, periods, hyphens,quotation marks, and apostrophes. This not only helps in structuring your sentences correctly but also in conveying the intended meaning, avoiding potential misunderstandings.  

Word Usage Is it “stationary” or “stationery”? Should you use “loose” or “lose”? You don’t have to think hard about the correct usage of commonly confused words. The tool uses advanced AI technology to suggest the most appropriate words for your sentences. It can detect misused words, inappropriate colloquialisms, and jargon that might not fit the context. 

Supports all English Variants 

Sentence Checkup supports all variants of the English language, including: 

  • American English 
  • British English 
  • Canadian English 
  • Australian English
  • New Zealand English
  • South African English 

This ensures that the tool is equally effective regardless of the regional variations in spelling, grammar, and usage. 

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