Rewording Tool to Rewrite Sentences

Paraphrase your essays, stories, and articles with the free online sentence rewriter tool. Combining our powerful AI with your writing will give you plagiarism-free, unique, and readable writing that flows smoothly.

Sharpen Up Your Writing Skills

Ever get stuck trying to find the right word?

Most of the time writers struggle to convey a message in a sentence. This can be frustrating as it leads to re-reading your writing again and again not knowing why it doesn’t flow properly.

With the free sentence rewriter, you can easily paraphrase your writing. Our A.I. Word changer enhances your article by improving the vocabulary, rearranging the structure, and placing words smartly to make your writing flow naturally.

Change the Words, Keep the Meaning

Writing isn’t the only thing you should do, spend some good quality time coming up with original ideas for your write-ups. Take no chances to edit your writing rigorously.

SCU’s Ai Word changing tool uses natural language processing (NLP) to detect the original meaning of your writings. This means our sentence rephraser tool helps you keep their original meaning, making your ideas stand out.

Free to Use

If you’re a college student or are just on a tight budget you probably can’t afford hundreds of dollars worth of rewording generators and resources. You may often envy your peers for having access to the latest tech, tools, and resources to help them with their writing, making you fall behind.

We feel you, that’s why we offer a lifetime, free version of the tool that allows you to paraphrase a limited number of words. All you have to do is enter your text on the left side of the tool and click Submit. The result would be plagiarism-free and easily readable.

How to Rewrite My Sentences?

The free online sentence rewriter is beginner-friendly and super easy to use.

Here are the 3 steps to rewrite a sentence.

  1. Type or paste your text in the left field of the tool.
  2. Choose a paraphrasing mode. Our reword generator offers you three modes including Fluency, Advanced, and Creative.
  3. Click the Submit button and after a few seconds, your paraphrased writing will appear on the right.

Why SCU’s AI Reworder?

SCU’s sentence rewriting uses a powerful algorithm to detect words and phrases in your writing and replace them with synonyms.

This is powered by A.I. puts you ahead by 10+ years of academic experience, and its library has access to thousands of different synonyms for your writing.

Advanced Paraphrasing

The sentence rewording tool rephrases your sentences and articles to make them more readable. How does it achieve this? With NLP algorithms and access to a huge vocabulary the free online sentence rewriter tool can help you:

  • Make complex sentences easier to read.
  • Optimize your content for maximum readability by simplifying the sentence structure and eliminating errors that contribute to poor quality
  • Save your time by instantly paraphrasing a thesis, long essays, paragraphs, and book chapters.
  • Help create clear summaries that explain the main points of your article
  • Form new sentence structures
  • Discover newer ways to Rewrite your articles and stories
  • Preserving the original meaning


Paraphrasing can be difficult for beginners and academic writers who may be hearing about it for the first time. Our tool does a good job of making the whole process intuitive. By simply pasting or writing your text in the reword tool you can paraphrase your text with just a simple click of a button.

Plagiarism Free

Many writers and students dread plagiarism as it’s their worst enemy. It can take your seemingly original idea and ruin it by labeling it as a copy of someone else’s work. Fortunately, the SCU’s Ai tool avoids plagiarism and gives you the best alternate version of your article, essay, or story by:

  • Changing the sentence structure and making it flow naturally by incorporating new transition words or conjunctions.
  • Rearranging the clauses by changing the placements of subjects and verbs
  • Using synonyms to replace words
  • Defining the main points of the sentence in different and more unique ways
  • Switching the order of words and sentences

Sentence Rewording Generator Is For You!

The school assignments or business writing, the sentence rewriter can help.


Looking to nail that next assignment?

The SCU’s Ai will simplify your sentences, polish your writing structure, and avoid plagiarism. It improves your academic writing by quickly making your text more readable to help you land a better grade.

Script Writers

Creative scripts can be difficult to paraphrase manually without changing the original meaning or altering the storyline. The SCU’s online sentence rewriter preserves the original story by smartly placing synonyms where they make sense.


Poetry thrives on creativity. After you’ve crafted your art with poetic notions you can leave it to us to paraphrase your text and maintain your creative touch by having a consistent tone and style throughout the poetry.

Content & Copywriters

Content and copywriters need to be on their toes to produce the best content to impress their viewers and clients. Using a paraphrasing tool like SCU’s sentence rewriter is vital to make sure your message is clearly communicated to your audience.


As a blogger, you’d need to maintain a consistent tone for all your posts whilst keeping the content original and avoiding repetition of your points. Taking advantage of our free online sentence rewriter tool will help you consistently post 100% unique articles for your blog and keep your viewers engaged.


Why is the Sentence Rewriter not working?

Most often, a sentence rewriter won’t work if the input text is too small, please write at least one sentence with 200 characters. Clear your cache, if the issue still persists please contact us.

What are the Benefits of Using SCU’s AI Generator?

A rewriter tool has many benefits for all types of writing including:

  • Saves time and improves productivity by instantly paraphrasing all your writing
  • Enhances your writing style
  • Explain concepts in unique ways
  • Eliminates the risk of plagiarism by using unique synonyms to change the wording.
  • Improves the readability of your sentences
  • Simplifying complex sentence structures
  • Make the content flow naturally
  • Helps discover new words to add to your vocabulary to get past the blank white page

Is Using a Rewording Generator Considered Cheating?

Using a paraphrasing tool is not cheating if the ideas and writing are yours. SCU’s Ai paraphrases your writing without plagiarizing.

Does a Rewriter Tool Change the Text’s Meaning?

Our paraphrasing tool uses an NLP algorithm that looks at the text just as a human would. This makes our tool efficient in detecting the meaning of the text and avoiding changing it whilst changing the words around it. The outcome is a plagiarism-free and clear piece of text that preserves the original meaning of your text.

Does Using a Rewording Generator Count As Plagiarism?

No, A paraphrasing tool like SCU’s Ai avoids plagiarism by using synonyms.

Can You Use a Word Changer to Reduce Word Count?

It’s common to see the word count reduced if you use a lot of complex words or phrases.

Can Someone Tell If You’ve Used a Sentence Rewriter for Your Writing?

Our free paraphrasing tool uses powerful A.I. to paraphrase your writing. it’s nearly difficult to tell whether or not the content has been passed through a sentence rewriter.

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