Use in Sentences – 30 Examples.

There are numerous sentence types, each with a unique structure and degree of complexity. A sentence is composed of such a subject and a predicate, which are the verb as well as the words that come after. But regardless of how straightforward or complicated, a sentence is made up of words. Sentences come to life and make meaning because of the words they include. With the aid of these sample sentences, you may comprehend how words are employed within a sentence regardless of its form and find ideas for properly constructing your own sentence.

Types of sentences

A simple sentence consists of just three components: a subject, a verb, and a finished notion. Adding on, a sentence that is composed of two distinct clauses (or entire sentences) and joined together by coordinating conjunction is referred to as a compound sentence. Lastly, an independent clause one and or more related dependent clauses make up a complicated sentence. Although it lacks one of the components that would constitute it a complete sentence, a dependent clause is identical to that of an independent clause or complete sentence.

Introduction to “use in” sentences

The words known as “use in” refer to putting something into an action or a service. However, it can have various other interpretations as well. For instance, it can also refer to the process of using and consuming or the consumption of drugs. The words “use in” can also be defined under the domain of various synonyms. Some synonyms are: inwards, within the boundaries, and during.

How to apply “use in” in a sentence 

  1. Robert was a wonderful person in so many ways.
  2. The concept of Nurturing could be found in his personality. 
  3. I am not denying that we live in a dystopia. 
  4. Her father put a silver spoon in her hand. 
  5. As the bus reached the stop, the conductor yelled in a loud voice. 
  6. Yes, Sara can be found playing in her room with her friends. 
  7. In Ireland, a poor man named James resided with his two sons. 
  8. In fact, her mother had given her strict orders not to pick heavy things on her own. 
  9. Sara had given her husband the money to remodel their house, but she wanted the house to remain in her name. 
  10. The hunter lost sight of the prey in the darkness. 
  11. I was unable to find an ugly person in all of the turkey. 
  12. She put the dishes in the dishwasher and glanced at her friend Sara. 
  13. With various thoughts in her mind, the girl got up to see where the light was coming from. 
  14. Ahmed, you are the sweetest boy in the world, said Sara. 
  15. The siblings were alike in many ways, but also unique in various aspects. 
  16. After witnessing her parents singing, Sara cringed inwards. 
  17. If I had more siblings in this family, things might have turned out for the better. 
  18. I get too warm in these clothes 
  19. Emma started to stare at the potato in her hands. 
  20. Robert lives in the United States of America. 
  21. Her pulse was in a race, hence she pulled away. 
  22. Emma came into the room just when the camera finished setting up. 
  23. On the roof, besides them there were many holes smashed in it, and the pieces of the glass were scattered in every direction. 
  24. There was a breath of danger in the air, and the earth of shake at a rapid pace after every few minutes. 
  25. Sarah seemed to be in her early thirty’s and had a bright smile which made Robert attracted to her. 
  26. You should be able to get an ultrasound appointment in a few weeks. 
  27. I don’t see a point in spending money on new clothes, as I can still wear my old ones a few more times. 
  28. The nurse made sure she was down in her bed and then covered her. 
  29. Robert told her to call him back if she did not give birth in a few hours. 
  30. In many ways, it was hard to believe that they had not seen each other in such a long time. 

Words can be used in sentences in many ways

Sometimes you require more than just a definition to fully get the meaning of a word; you also need to see it in usage. People can use the resources to find out what a term actually means and how to utilize it correctly at websites like Your Dictionary. Simply enter a term in the search bar of our sentence builder to see a number of phrases using that term in various contexts. In order to ensure that you use a word correctly, the sentence generator might add more context and importance.


To sum up, everything that has been stated, the term “use in” can be employed in various ways in sentences. It can be used in the middle, start, and end of sentences. Moreover, commas can also be added next to the sentence. It can be added to imply experiences and encounters with someone, along with elaborating the spending of money on items like clothes. In addition, it can be referred to as using a machine correctly, like a dishwasher or washing machine. 

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