6 Grammar Check Tools to Improve Your Google SEO

You probably know by now that in order to dominate SEO, you need to make sure that your content is amazing. This must not be taken lightly. Google rewards meaty and quality content, i.e content that is long, for example a 1000 word article. In order to create and manage such content there is a certain set of tools that will boost your productivity by a huge margin. This tool is called the grammar checker. You can spend time creating more content rather than waste your time proof reading your work. I will give you a list of tools that are present in these grammar checkers like grammarly, Ginger, Language Tool that you can utilize to create quality content that will allow you to dominate SOE.

1) Plagiarism Checking:
Google wants fresh content, content that is original and not some website that just rehashes the same things everybody else has done already. Originality is also linked with creativity and google rewards creative websites. This allows the algorithm to trust you and your consistency will make sure that you show up in the results. You can avoid plagiarism checking by simply using the plagiarism checker that is present on most grammar checking software like grammarly, for example. You may not intentionally be plagiarizing anything but it can turn out that something has already been done before and you are completely unaware of that fact. There are situations, however, where you’ve hired some writers and they do plagiarize content. But you can create a deterrent by letting them know that you have access to certain tools that would make sure that you know who plagiarized something and what.

2) Rephrasers:
Software like Ginger have this really important tool called “rephrasers”. These oddly named tools do exactly what their name suggests. That is, the software check your sentence and uses its built-in dictionary to give you suggestions for different words you can use (their synonyms). This would make the overall quality of your articles richer and in a sort of way you would also be communicating with your audience in a more effective manner. This is another reason why gooogle would trust you and are more likely to show up more readily on the search results.

3) Typos and Spelling Errors :
It goes without saying that grammar checkers would improve your content simply by making them free from typos and spelling mistakes. Google would want to show a website immediately that’s more reliable and credible. If your content is clean and immaculate google would certainly want your website on their results.

4) Open-Source Grammar checkers:
Open-source grammar checkers have their code freely available. If you can code yourself or hire someone to code for you then you can easily cater that open-source grammar checker to your own needs. This can be great because if you use a program like this on a large scale, you can easily pull of things like producing large amounts of quality content. Another important thing you can customize an open-source grammar checker to do is make sure that there is a presence of keywords. Keywords are basically the heart and soul of the google search algorithm and making sure that there is a presence of them will put you in google’s good graces.

5) Multiple Languages:
If you can produce content in multiple languages then it would surely increase your chance on showing up on more search results. For example, if your website had the same content available in multiple language then surely someone who would have searched for the exact same in thing in their native language would have gotten access to your content. This is quite possible because grammar checkers like ginger and language tool allow you to use advanced translation tools and also use grammar checkers in that language so you can reproduce everything that you had already done in English.
6) Efficiency:
All in all, you can succeed in SOE if you produce quality and fresh content, and that too frequently. This will enable google to be more comfortable with your website and start trusting it. Of course, by producing good content regularly, you will earn google’s trust. Not only that, but the fact that you wouldn’t have to be spending time and money on proof reading is also important because those resources can instead be used to stay ahead of the competition by allowing you to pay more attention to your content than any other website.

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