Sentence Starters for Descriptive Writing

Writing is not just a work of putting down a few words on the paper and making sentences. You have to engage your reader. Once they are engaged they become curious about what you are going to write next. In this curiosity, they are going to end the whole piece of paper that you have written without shifting their attention.

This is what we call true writing where you get a chance to talk to your readers.

Sentence starters

In today’s world, this is something that is very important, especially if you are a web content creator. Your every sentence needs to be engaging. Otherwise, there are a number of different things that can grab the reader’s attention.

This is the reason why your sentences need to be started with different and unique words. Well, don’t worry, I am not saying you create and invent new words. But, using some transition words can add a lot of worth to your work.

Here are 5 different purposes for which you can use a different starter.

Sentence Starters Examples:

#1 Introducing An Idea

When introducing or opening an idea you can use these transition words. They make the reader realize that you are going to add something important after this.

  • To start with,
  • Adding here
  • Here we will discuss,

#2  To Compare Things

Use these transition words when comparing two different things. They will help you in linking the next thing to the first and tells the reader that you are trying to tell them is how both of these ideas are different from each other.

  • Instead
  • In contrast
  • In comparison
  • Likewise
  • Instead

#3 To Add Emphasis

If you are trying to add emphasis on an idea then start a sentence with these words.

  • Above all
  • Especially
  • Admittedly

#4 To Show Consequences

There are many ways how you can show the consequence of the previous idea. Here are a few words that can help you with that.

  • As a result
  • Accordingly
  • Due to
  • Because
  • Since

#5 When Concluding

Summing up your whole idea is a very important part of writing. It needs to be as interesting as your whole article was.

  • To summarize
  • To sum
  • Concluding
  • Finally

Why Sentence Starters are Important?

1. Credibility Of Your Work

The choice of words you make shows how much you are master in your work. Writing just a few simple sentences with a subject and verb doesn’t make you a good writer. You have to convey your work in a way that the reader cannot predict what you are going to say at the end until he reaches the bottom of the page.

For, this you need to have eight starters as well.

2. Makes The Reader Curios

If you want your reader to stick to your work then you have to make them curious. After reading every sentence he needs to engage with you. The choices of words you make are going to decide whether he continues on reading or not.

3. Helps You In Linking Ideas Together

Good sentences can’t even link the ideas. You have to find the right words to do that job. The words that you start your sentence with should be linking it to the previous sentence. That is the job of starters.

4. Makes Your Article Interesting

Of course, if your work is interesting then it will be read and chose to be read. Otherwise, who wants to just read a piece of paper with raw information. You need to add creativity to your work. Well, you must be thinking of how to make an essay interesting. You can if you are using the right words to start and conclude your article.

How To Choose The Right Starter

The simple science behind choosing the right word to start your sentence is that you have to link your sentence to the previous one. Now, once you understand that it becomes a lot easier.

Read the sentence and check whether the new one that you are starting is concluding it, comparing it, emphasizing on it, or what. After this, you have to decide which word you chose to start. There are completely different sets of words that can be used in every different situation.

Besides this, the other thing or the golden rule for this is that you have to start your every sentence with a different transition word. Using the same words again and again in a paragraph can make your writing dull and boring. It will resorb all the interest that you have tried to create.

These are the two important that can completely change the whole dimension of your writing. It helps you in linking ideas together and creates something that we call a piece done by a skilled person.

The last tip that you can follow is that whenever you are using a transition word, add a comma after it. It won’t add much but can make the article more readable.

Compare both of these paragraphs.

Video games and other devices have spoiled our generations. Parents are worried about their children. They don’t want their children to become robots. We need to do something as soon as possible.

Now read this one,

“Generally speaking, video games and other devices have spoiled our generation. No doubt, parents are worried about their children. Obviously, they don’t want their children to become robots. That is why we need to do something as soon as possible.

To Sum Up!

These are some of the basic rules and things that can make your writing like never before. Adding transition words and linking ideas together will take the readability of your article to a whole new level. Instead of using just a few simple sentences. Try to link them. These were some of the best starters to start with.

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