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Free Paragraph Checker

Elevate your writing effortlessly with our powerful paragraph checker. Instantly perfect grammar, spelling, and clarity.

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Mistakes happen, but they don’t have to be in your writing. The free paragraph checker tool lets you write flawless paragraphs in seconds. 

Just paste the text and go–your errors will be highlighted in just a click

The advanced AI suggests corrections following the grammar rules

Use to correct any type of content.

Seamless experience across all devices

Top Features 

Powered by AI

Checks grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style errors

100% free to use 

Supports UK and USA English

Real-time error checking and correction

Paragraph Checker

Check and Correct: 

  • Grammar mistakes
  • Punctuation errors
  • Preposition errors
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Style flaws

Check Grammar and Spellings in One Click

Sentence Checkup frees you from the hectic grammar checking and correction process. All you have to do is paste the text in the tool, and you get correction suggestions for all errors in the first click—no more frustration of correcting mistakes one by one. 

Advanced AI with 100% Accuracy 

This paragraph checker uses advanced AI technology to correct grammar and spelling mistakes with 100% accuracy. It works on more than 100 grammar points to make sure no error is left unaddressed.

Free Grammar Checker

Sentence Checkup is 100% free to use. There are no hidden charges or premium plans. Avoid silly typos and those overlooked grammar errors on any device from anywhere.

Supports UK and US English 

Whether you’re sipping tea in London or grabbing a coffee in New York, our tool seamlessly caters to both linguistic styles. The tool works with both British and American English languages.

Paragraph Checker

Check and Correct Errors in Just 2 Steps

With our grammar checker tool, identifying errors and getting precise corrections is a breeze, which just takes 2 steps: 

All you have to do is copy the content that you want to check for grammatical errors and paste it into the designed text box. Choose the language and click “Checkup.” The tool will highlight mistakes and suggest corrections.

Review the suggestions and apply corrections. Then just copy the corrected text and paste it to your desired location. 

It’s that simple! A hassle-free experience every time. 

Proofread Your Text for Every Error

No More Grammatical Errors

From misplaced modifiers to subject-verb disagreements, the Sentence Checker ensures your sentences are not just grammatically correct but also clear and concise.

Check Spelling Slip-ups 

Don’t let a simple typo ruin your work. Our tool catches everything from common misspellings to those tricky words that often fly under the radar.

Correct Prepositions 

Ever written “in” when it should’ve been “on”? Or “with” instead of “to”? Such tiny words, but the entire meaning can hinge on them. Our tool ensures that every preposition is exactly where it should be. Just paste the text into the tool and you get the answer.

Correct Punctuation Errors 

Commas, periods, semicolons—every tiny mark plays a crucial role when it comes to writing. Even a missing comma can change the whole meaning of a sentence. This grammar checker tool ensures your punctuation provides clarity, not confusion.

“Deep Check”: Because Good Writing Isn’t Enough

You’ve written, edited, and re-read. But there’s still that itch, right? A whisper of doubt? With our “Deep Check” feature, we seamlessly integrate with Grammarly to offer you an unparalleled, in-depth grammar check. 

Paste the text into our tool and click ‘Deep Check’. It will take you to Grammarly where you can check your text for errors beyond grammar. 

Here, you’ll get suggestions on style and structure improvements, clarity, and more. 

Words Feeling a Bit Off? Let’s Enhance the Style 

Ever felt your content could use a fresh perspective without losing its main crux? Our’s Ai Rewriter is your go-to solution for brilliant paraphrasing and style corrections. Whether you’re looking to present old information in a new light or simply want to eliminate style errors, will do the job. 

The best part? RewriterPro lets you customize settings to get the desired results. Choose your desired fluency level, tone, audience, emotion, and length to get customized results. What more? You can customize the text in both US and UK English, and its premium version also supports French, Spanish, and German languages. 

Why Trust Sentence Checkup Tool

It’s 100% secure. Your privacy is our priority. Our grammar check tool doesn’t store the content or share it with someone else.

Hundreds of users from around the world use our paragrapher checker tool. 

Check errors and get corrections in just a click. No lengthy process. 

A simple interface so that you can easily use the tool. No tech knowledge required. 


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