This thesis Checker online has powerful artificial intelligence which can instantly detect even the smallest of grammatical errors in your writing. It doesn’t only identify the errors but also suggests corrections in the sentence structure of the copy.

Below are a few examples:

The thesis statement checker corrects your spelling

The neccessary changes were made to the document.

The necessary changes were made to the document.

Correct the use of past, present, and future tenses

I has done my homework.

I had done my homework.

I have done my homework.

Detect missing conjunctions and recommend adding them

All rules, procedures, regulations must be followed.

All rules, procedures and regulations must be followed.

It can omit unnecessary words or phrases

First of all it is important to boil the water.

Firstly, it is important to boil the water.

It corrects the punctuation

At last We we’re at the park safe and sound.

At last, we were at the park, safe and sound.

Gives feedback and advice on corrections

Thesis checker by Sentencecheck

It is important to however note that this tool does not offer plagiarism detection for now. You can refer to Grammarly to check your thesis paper for plagiarism.

Why use SC’s online checker?

  • Easy to use – our online thesis checker is beginner-friendly and easy to use. Anybody from studentss to teachers can use this tool to identify and correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes.
  • Better sentence structures – by using our checker you can improve your sentence structures which will help you clearly express your ideas and will convey your message efficiently.
    There is nothing more frustrating for a student to write an exceptional and well-researched paper only to have it misunderstood by their readers.
  • Instant results – after pasting your text in the editor, you will get instant results identifying exactly what to correct and how to correct it.
  • Free to use – we know that many students might not have money to spare to spend on a premium thesis checker which is why our tool is totally free to use with no limitations and doesn’t even require any sign up you just copy your text in the field and preform your check.

How a Thesis is made?

A thesis or dissertation is made by choosing a unique topic, asking questions, and collecting data.

For any successful thesis, students should write an error-free paper as plagiarism, grammar mistakes, and incorrect punctuation can leave a bad impression on the reader and also make you lose marks on what you thought was a good paper.

Having great ideas and conducting significant research is a necessary part of the process, however, it’s not the only component of writing a good thesis.

An excellent academic thesis clearly expresses the unique ideas and insights of the student using proper punctuation, good grammar, and accurate spelling.

These things alone are enough to overwhelm any student but your teachers and professors will give you good grades on this.

This is where our Online Thesis Statement Checker comes in handy. Even though it is possible to proofread and correct your own errors manually, our online tool saves you a lot of time and effort by highlighting all the issues in your writing.

It helps the student in having the perfect thesis for submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Thesis?

A thesis or dissertation is a document submitted alongside a project that explains the student’s ideas, viewpoints, and arguments regarding the paper which gives the reader an insight into his perspective.

It is often required for the completion of a degree program. It can take months or years of research and writing to conduct and present.

Can I Trust an Online Checker?

This is one of the most common concerns of students as they feel it is risky to trust online software to proofread their assignments.

The SC’s online checker tool uses powerful artificial intelligence to identify and highlight mistakes in your writing and suggest the appropriate corrections.

However, it should be noted that you should not trust any tool blindly. Because these are just tools to help you improve your writing.

In order to be fully confident whilst submitting your document. Go through the document at least once after checking it through our online checker.

Can I use it on Any Device?

Yes, our online thesis statement checker has a responsive web design meaning it will be able to work on both your desktop and mobile devices.

Who Uses Online Thesis Checker?

The students use this to present a spot-on thesis for their assignments.

These are usually students going to universities for their graduate degrees as most Bachelor, Master, and PhDs require a thesis to be made.

However, it’s not uncommon for teachers and even professors to use this tool to check their or their student’s writing.

Can I Detect Plagiarism With This Tool?

No, This tool does not offer plagiarism detection. You can however refer to Grammarly to check your thesis for plagiarism.

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