10 Examples of Irony Sentences

Irony… a word that many people still fail to comprehend and that is its irony. But before we jump into the complexities, let us discuss the basics. According to the internet, Irony means the use of words to describe something that means something else. 

Irony In Literature

In literature, there are many examples of irony. For example, in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – the characters spend so much time looking for something that they had within themselves. The irony was that they looked everywhere except within their own self. 

Examples Of Irony Sentences

Here are some examples of irony sentences that you can relate to.

  • A post on Instagram statehouse useless its algorithm is. 

You will come across such sentences while scrolling through social media every day but what’s ironic is that despite Instagram ‘s algorithm being useless, you still see that post about its algorithm being useless. Did you get it?

  • A math teacher cannot solve math problems.

Well, the sentence is ironic because you will expect a math teacher to be an expert in that subject and despite being the teacher of mathematics, he failed to solve some math problems. I guess he just needs to work it out.

  • The fashion designer has no sense of fashion. 

More often than not, people who are experts in their field do not get the time to fix their own lives. Have you heard of that sentence where the cobbler does not have a proper pair of shoes despite being a cobbler?

Similarly, the fashion designer may be great at their work, but they do not get the time or simply they just don’t want to put in the effort to make their dress fashionable.

  • People who disrespect women are born from them.

This sentence is ironic and unfortunate at the same time. Especially now when crimes against women are skyrocketing. These people do not realize that once they were dependent on that same woman who literally gave her flesh and blood for them to be able to be born into this world. 

  • The pilot has a height phobia. 

This is it given right? A pilot whose job is to be in the Heights both literally and figuratively is scared of heights. So, how will the pilot do his job? 

  • Emily takes a social media detox, only to record everything on her trip. 

This is something that we all can relate to. We all know the adverse effects of social media and how its excess usage can drive us insane. But we are so invested and tied by technology especially after Covid that we just cannot take it out of our lives. 

So, it is a never-ending spiral. One more example would be posting about social media detox on social media.

  • The chair of the environmental department has internal air-conditioning at his house

We all know how air conditioners are bad for the environment. Similarly, the chair of the environmental department is responsible to take care of the environment, and while on his job he advocates for it all day. 

Meanwhile, his house has the most carbon footprint in the entire city because of its internal air-conditioning system which he was able to afford by advocating for the environment at his job

  • A man never drives a car because of the fear of an accident and dies in an earthquake at his home. 

We all are scared to take risks in life. Sometimes they also hinder us from reaching our true potential in life. And we are aware that some of these barriers are made up by our own brains. But we still don’t do anything about it. 

For example, if you were 25 and you are scared to enroll in university because by the time, you’ll be done you’ll be 29 but the irony is that you will turn 29 anyway. So, why not take the leap?

In the sentence, the man was scared that he will die in a car crash. And he never drove a car but he died at his home. It’s ironic because that is bound to come and it does not matter where you are, so it’s better that you live your life to the fullest.

  • A cop gets robbed. 

A cop spends all his day going after robbers and criminals but at the end of the day, his own house gets robbed. It’s ironic because due to his profession he is expected to be able to help people but, in this case, he was unable to even help himself and his family.

  • The dentist has cavities!

The dentists are our oral hygiene gurus, who tell us to take care of our teeth and brush regularly to keep them safe from cavities. And it is ironic because the dentist himself cannot take care of his teeth.

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